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Management Concept: Solidarity, Obedience, Fulfillment, Detail
Solidarity: It completely embraces close partnership and team spirit of absolute sincerity of Li’er people. We believe that solidarity is the source of power, and cooperation is the mother of success.
Obedience: No authoritative leaders and rigorous discipline, no Li’er operation objective. We require every member obeying instructions of leaders unconditionally, no excuses for anything.
Fulfillment: We think fulfilling our duty must do everything very well, dare to overcome difficulties and take the consequences, being conscientious is to keep promise, no excuses and evading.
Detail: It needs to think, finish and feel attentively. We advocate the spirit of concentration, keep-improving, meticulousness, not walking through and being dilatory.
Business Tenet: Cooperation for Innovation, Sincerity for Improvement
Corporate Style: Efficient, Passionate, Caring, Dedicated